Hiking Texas Co-Founders Pierce Ingram and Aaron Bates atop Mt. Baldy in Garner State Park
We think it’s about time we formally introduced ourselves. Our long-time followers may recognize either of us from our extensive travels and photographic work in and around our Texas parks, but many of you may not know of us, or why we created Hiking Texas — and why it matters so much to us.
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2020 Fall Hiking Guide
Plan a Fall Getaway with our Fall Hiking Guide!

Once the leaves turn in Texas, it doesn’t last long — so be prepared with our Fall Hiking Guide. We’ve got great locations for each region of the state so all you have to worry about is when to go hike!
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Hike at Home
April is typically for wildflower hikes. But right now as we all face the challenges and obstacles of the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread shelter-in-place orders, we want to rally behind the message to #HikeAtHome!
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Wyman Meinzer
If you've been into a park headquarters, flipped through any outdoor or adventure magazine or seen a gorgeous coffee table book featuring stunning and mesmerizing landscapes from the wild regions of Texas, chances are you've been captivated by Wyman's work.
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