Hiking Texan: Jason Lominac

Jason Lominac (left in our red Palo Duro Canyon shirt) pauses for a photo with his wife at Lost Maples State Natural Area during a December 2019 backpacking trip.

As an avid hiker and outdoorsmen, it's natural that Jason Lominac enjoys time spent outside. He also shares this enjoyment and experience with family and friends who are in need of a well timed recharge. Read about this month's featured Hiking Texan and how he uses the Guadalupe Peak hike to help people in his life.

Hiking Texas: What is your favorite park and trail in Texas? They don’t have to be at the same location.

Jason Lominac: I have had the opportunity to hike in a lot of amazing places: I have hiked in Rainier National Park, The Alps, and other places in Europe. If you told me I get to select 100 paid hiking/camping trips, I would pick Guadalupe Mountains National Park 100 times. I just love that park, it is my home. Whether it is camping in the park or staying in Van Horn and eating at Mom's Kitchen as much as possible, I would not trade that experience for anything. I try to make it out there 2 to 3 times a year and yes, I even love the 10 hour drive!

As for my favorite trail, I would have to say it is the Smith Spring Trail at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. I love the Smith Spring trail because it lends itself to everyone. Also, you get to witness everything the desert has to offer. 


HT: How are you using Guadalupe Peak to help friends and family members?

JL: We all have times when we face life events that we are not trained or ready to handle. It could be anything: addiction, divorce, death, a job loss, or anything else. Through my own darkness I accidentally discovered the healing qualities of hiking. Now it is my goal when a family member or friend is in the pits of life, I take them hiking and we tackle the Guadalupe Peak - the highest peak in Texas. My goal is to provide them with a bit of accomplishment, self worth and time away from the issue that brought us there. Currently, I’ve done 7 peak trips and I’m always ready to embrace the hurt.


HT: What is your most memorable hike?

JL: Every time I step on the trail, something memorable happens. Looking back, I have 4 hikes that really stick out to me: watching a friend that had lost most of his sight bag Wheeler Peak in New Mexico; summiting Guadalupe Peak during a snow storm with my friend Joel and witnessing his excitement; experiencing the Skyline trail in Rainer National Park with my best friend John and understanding how much that trail and park meant to him and his mom, and finally; watching my daughter take the last few steps to the peak of Guadalupe Mountains. 

Jason is passionate about the Guadalupe Mountains and returns 2-3 times a year.

A fiery sunrise to start a new day in the Guadalupe Mountains.

HT: Tell us about your last adventure in Texas and what made it special?

JL: My last adventure in Texas was with my wife the day after Christmas. We did an overnight at Lost Maples and it was our first backpacking trip together. It was special to me because I was able to see her out of her element and handling it like a pro. Filtering water, setting up tents, carrying a pack, she rocked it! 


HT: Looking forward to 2020 and the next decade, what are some of your big goals or dreams related to the outdoors?

JL: My goals for 2020 are to try and complete the remaining few peaks I still need to get to within Guadalupe Mountains National Park. I am currently planning to do the Lone Star Hiking Trail, and in the summer have a trip planned to Colorado to hike Mt. Elbert. Looking at the next decade, I want to get out to more of the other Texas State Parks and to hike to the summit of Mt. Rainer. 


HT: If you had to pick one last park to visit, where would you go?

JL: Guadalupe Mountains National Park, no questions about it.


Connect with Jason on Instagram: @jlominac4

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