Guadalupe Mountains Moonrise Pint Glass
Guadalupe Mountains Moonrise Pint Glass
Guadalupe Mountains Moonrise Pint Glass

Guadalupe Mountains Moonrise Pint Glass

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Sip and relax with a cold one while celebrating one of your favorite parks in Texas. This 16oz pint glass features a vintage style depiction of the Guadalupe Mountains across an expansive salt flat.

• 16oz (1 pint)
• Hand wash recommended

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How to Care for Your Tee

Wear our tees on the trail or at home! To keep your new shirt looking its best through the years and over the miles, here’s some tips on caring for your Hiking Texas apparel

Wash in cold water

Washing with cold water is generally a good suggestion, no matter what kind garment it is. Hot water will shrink and shorten the lifespan of your new tee.

Turn it inside out

Turning your tee inside out before washing will reduce fading and stress to the artwork on the outside.

Dry on low heat

High heat works to shrink and damage your shirt and the artwork on it. Tumble dry on LOW to prevent this from happening.

No bleach

Don’t use bleach or other harsh cleaning products on your garments. Instead, use a gentle detergent or basic stain remover if needed.


How to Care for Your Drinkware

Our enamel camping mugs and pint glasses are fun to use at home or at the campsite, and here’s a few tips on caring for your new drinkware so it lasts sip after sip, trip after trip:

Hand wash

To preserve your enamel mug or pint glass, we highly recommend hand washing them.

Do not microwave

Our mugs have an enamel coating over stainless steel, so avoid the microwave to heat anything directly in them.

Pack it securely

Enamelware is prone to chipping, so pack only near soft items in your pack when hiking or camping. Discontinue use if chips are found on the lip or inside the cup.